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If you’re looking to develop a career in medicine, while making an impact on thousands of children’s lives, look no further than Food Allergy Institute. Founded in 2015, the Food Allergy Institute (FAI) is a cutting-edge research and clinical care center revolutionizing food allergy treatment among the pediatric population. Since it’s inception, FAI has successfully treated over 10,000 patients worldwide. The Food Allergy Institute achieves the highest global success rate of disease remission for pediatric patients with food allergies.

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Looking for an incredible place to live, work and play? Join us for a complimentary dinner via Postmastes , limited edition swag bag and the time to learn more about starting your medical career at Food Allergy Institute. We’re actively recruiting physicians specializing in allergy medicine, immunology and pediatrics to join our highly talented team of providers. Join us for a live webinar and hear from our CEO, providers, and operations team to learn how we’re transforming clinical care, as well answering any questions you may have.

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  • Complimentary dinner delivered during the live webinar via Postmates(Please email [email protected] if you have any specific food allergies)
  • Swag Bag full of FAI gear, sample gummies, and more
  • Deep Dive into Food Allergy Institute and Provider care insights from our CEO, Lead Physician and our Food Lab Operations manager
  • Virtual Tour of: Willow Treatment Clinic, Foundations Lab, Research Lab and our Food Lab

How We’re Different

Our unique approach to food allergy treatment is called the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP). Each patient’s food allergy treatment plan should be just as unique as they are. It is this patient specific focus that drives our data driven approach to develop customized treatment plans that are unique to each patient’s allergic profile and data markers. Unlike conventional OIT methods, TIP harnesses the power of Machine Learning and AI to analyze trillions of data points built on over a decade of diagnostic data collected from the patients we’ve successfully treated. Through these analytics we can further enhance our understanding of protein characterization in plant, animal and evolutionary proteins to develop a comprehensive analysis of a child’s immune system and allergic profile.

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Take a deep dive and hear from our diverse team: October 13th – 4:30pm-6:30pm PST

Recruitment Event Speakers

Dr. Inderpal Randhawa

Founder, Chief Medical Officer, CEO
Board certified in transplant immunology, allergy, pulmonology, pediatrics, and internal medicine. He serves as Pulmonary Division Chief and Fellowship Program Director at Miller Children’s Hospital. Authored over 150 peer reviewed abstracts, presentations, and research publications and has served as primary investigator in over 25 clinical trials

Dr. Tracy Clark

Director of Physicians

Completed medical education at Vanderbilt University and went on to complete her Pediatric training at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Practiced for over 12 years as a Pediatric Hospitalist at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California

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