A Guide to your Perfect Allergy-Free Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is the day to really show your love and appreciation for all they do! We want to take time and thank the wonderful mothers who work tirelessly and go above and beyond for their families. We know and appreciate all that you do to keep your kids safe! Read along for the perfect and secure way to celebrate your Mother’s Day this year!

DIY Gifts for Your Mom 

When giving a gift to your mother, thoughtful and homemade presents are always the way to go! This year, get crafty and make your mom a gift that shows how much you love her with these gift ideas. 

  • Build your own boutique of flowers of your mother’s favorites!
  • Making a scrapbook is a great idea and so much fun to create. 
  • Print out pictures of you and your mom throughout the years, use colorful paper and stickers, and write down some memories that you have shared with your mom! 
  • Buy your supplies at a local craft store and set up space in your home to work on your DIY present. Make sure to incorporate things that she loves and will remind her of you. 
  • Always include a handwritten card with a loving message so she knows just how much she means to you! 
  • Check out Pinterest for more ideas of what you can make your mom this Mother’s Day!

Allergy-Free Mother’s Day Brunch

Planning holiday meals with allergies can be stressful at times, but don’t let that take away from how you celebrate your Mother’s Day! Participating in a Mother’s Day Brunch is always a fun time, and you can invite everyone who wants to celebrate mom! Brunch, or any other meal, can easily be catered to any allergies you may have. Here are a few tasty and allergy-free brunch recipes from MOMables. Click these links based on your own dietary needs.

Food-Free Ways to Celebrate

While having brunch for Mother’s Day is one of the most common ways people celebrate, there are plenty of other ways you can spend time with your mom on this day! If the weather is nice outside, go for a nature walk or spend quality time outdoors with your mom. Visit your local farmers market, visit a nearby national park, or boardwalk to soak in the sun. If you prefer staying indoors, you can research fun arts & crafts with your mom, board games, or watch your favorite movie! Here are more ideas:

  • Gather all the family photos and spend time looking through them and reminiscing on the memories you have made.
  • Pamper your mom and host an at-home spa day! Gather your favorite face masks, nail polishes, and hair masks. Don’t forget to place those cucumbers on her eyes for extreme relaxation!
  • Make sure you help your mom with household chores so that she can relax on her special day!
  • Plant a garden! This is a rewarding activity to do with your mom and makes your house look nicer.

There are so many ways you can celebrate your mom that doesn’t have to include food!

We hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day and celebrate safely with your family! Tag us on our fun Mother’s Day activities on Instagram, @SoCalFoodAllergy.