Do you publish your data or your findings? Where can I review research and publications?

When it comes to publishing research and study findings, the vast majority of publications require a study that has a singular, set protocol that is applied in the same manner to all the patients in that study — i.e.  a double-blind, placebo-controlled. However, when each patient receives an entirely unique form of therapy — as is the case with the Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) — each patient is essentially their own control. This approach, which is one of the foundations of the success of TIP, does not fit the standard model for research publications. Medical journals rarely explore how mixed model statistical analytics and vector modeling can be applied to patient care.

Despite the complex nature of our treatment protocol and the traditional parameters for research publication, Dr. Randhawa and his research team have authored and submitted publications describing the data from the Tolerance Induction Program via mixed model statistical analysis. Dr. Randhawa has also presented multiple times at the AAAAI and the ACAAI meetings over the last five years.

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