What are the Food Allergy Institute’s long-term goals?

The Food Allergy Institute is dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for every child who suffers from food allergies. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of our donors to offer cutting-edge clinical care and advance research discovery for the patients that we serve. We remain committed to making our program as accessible as possible, to as many families as possible. Our top priority is giving children the opportunity to be free of life-threatening food allergies, irrespective of their health insurance coverage or ability to pay. We are proud to share that our philanthropic efforts cover more than half of the cost of treatment for each patient.

Patients who receive treatment from us deserve a medical home for decades to come. To that end, we strive to extend our food allergy treatment program to every child who suffers from food allergy. We are focused on expanding our headquarters in Long Beach where our data analytics, research laboratory, and food preparation facilities are housed. Medical education, training and certification in TIP to appropriately qualified medical professionals are key priorities, as well. We also aim to open treatment clinics and supporting facilities across the United States to allow access to treatment for all patients in need of food-allergy treatment.