A Plan for

Each plan is crafted specifically for the patient’s immune system using robust and accurate data.

Uniquely Yours

Using complex data analysis and statistics, your child will undergo Tolerance Induction for the proteins to which they are allergic. Every journey is different, some taking longer than others, but all reaching for the goal of Food Freedom.

Staying On Track

For TIP™ to remain efficient and effective, it’s necessary for you to stay committed to your provided schedule and at-home prescribed routine. If an appointment is missed, it will cause a delay in your child’s plan.

Treatment Zone 2 & 3

Patients who are traveling longer distances must be aware that their scheduled appointments will differ and require more time. Tests and challenges that are typically scheduled over the course of a few weeks will be consolidated to a few days due to limited travel availability.


The First Dose

The first dose of each new food introduced will be administered at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute in a monitored and controlled environment.


At Home Up-Doses

Every subsequent dose is administered at home. Passing every up-dose predicts your child’s ability to pass the challenge.


In-Office Challenges

At-home up-doses will be challenged after a period of time at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute. As your child passes challenges, they will continue to be monitored through their scheduled appointments.

A Full Challenge Pass

Passing a food challenge means your child can safely eat an adult-sized dose of an allergic food. They no longer need to worry about eating their allergens every day or observing a rest period. They’ll be given a maintenance schedule, with frequency reducing over time as their tolerance continues to build.
About Remission

No guess work is done. Your child’s data analysis predicts the path of success.

“It’s a whole new world, it’s a world of possibility, a world without fear.”

Understanding Risks and Results

Challenges and up-doses can be an overwhelming experience. Here are the steps we take to ensure your child’s safety.

At the Southern California Food Allergy Institute Clinic, we are prepared for any emergency with safety precautions and protocols in place.

Our team of providers is on-call 24/7 to support any after-hour emergencies. In addition, each family is educated and prepared to handle any reaction with an Anaphylaxis Plan.

Patients are safely treated at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute Clinic. Doses and challenges are administered by our licensed providers and vitals are monitored by our professional medical team.

A Step to Food Freedom

Familiarizing yourself with each step helps you get closer to food freedom.