Our mission

For all children to safely eat whatever they want without the fear of a reaction.

Built on over a decade of diagnostic data, the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) is a specialized treatment program designed to help children with severe food allergies achieve true Food Freedom — the ability to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, in unlimited quantities without fear of reaction.

Regardless of pre-existing conditions or the number of food allergies a patient has, we can help.

the TIP process

In the pre-treatment phase, all patients undergo extensive diagnostic testing to capture the most complete image of the immune system.

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The interface is the relationship between allergic foods and an individual’s immune system. During this phase, we identify biosimilar proteins to retrain the immune system and safely build tolerance one protein at a time. Biosimilar proteins are proteins similar to those in a patient’s allergens.

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Once a patient’s immune system is accustomed to biosimilar food proteins, they can safely begin to “challenge” their allergens in increasing amounts until complete Tolerance is achieved.

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Food Freedom! Regain your confidence and live a life of endless opportunities without the fear of food allergies!

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Data Matching


Initiate evolutionary protein analysis of plant and animal


Break data into class groups


Assess individual immune system


Develop a personalized “Allergy Snapshot”

Proprietary machine learning software is used to study hundreds of markers across thousands of patients with food allergies and develop a patient-specific “Allergy Snapshot.”

The snapshot is generated using millions of data points from the patient’s own biomarkers and is unique to every patient. This snapshot becomes the benchmark for our custom treatment plans.

Patient Treatment Journey