Considering the Costs

As a traveling patient, we encourage you to take costs of travel accommodations, dosage transportation, and personal action teams into account that are uncommon to local patients.

Supporting Success

Our philanthropic efforts to make TIP™ accessible to more families cover over half the cost of treatment for each patient. The remaining financials are billed to you or your health insurance provider.

Patient Expenses

(Prior to Insurance)

Copays or Deductibles

Will vary depending on your insurance.

SLIT Treatment

$298 – $338 every 3 months, if needed.

Additional Testing

SKIN/Patch Testing: Average $2,000
PFT (Spirometry Testing): $120
ENO (Exhaled Nitric Oxide Test): $40

Foundation Labs

Diagnostic Testing Costs for PPO Insurance Plans

The average cost of a full set of labs, before insurance, is $7,500. For our patients with insurance, the providers cover some of the costs on average 10% of the time. Each lab appointment will never exceed $2,500 out of pocket for our patients, whether or not your insurance covers a portion of the bill.

$500 is due at your lab appointment.

Any remaining balance is due within one month of final insurance decisions in order to continue in the Tolerance Induction Program™.
Please refer to our Billing and Guidance FAQ page for more billing and insurance information.

Diagnostic Testing Costs for Self-Pay/Kaiser/HMO

Diagnostic Testing Cost: $2,500

$1,000 is due at your lab appointment.

Remaining balance of $2,500 is due within four months of the date that your lab appointment occurred in order to continue in the Tolerance Induction Program™.

Insurance Disclaimer

Please note: Pricing subject to change based on contracted rates with insurance providers.

*Actual totals may vary, depending on the specific diagnostic/allergen testing required for each individual patient.

**Foundation Labs is currently in the process of contracting with all major insurance providers including BCBS, Cigna, Aetna and United Healthcare among others. Due to state and federal regulations the lab was not able to begin contracting with insurers until it was approved and open for operation, which has caused a delay in our contracting process. Due to the range of insurance plans offered by each provider we are unable to provide a list of approved plans by carrier.

Need to verify your insurance coverage?

You will find the appropriate procedure/billing codes (CPT) for the services provided by the Southern California Food Allergy Institute and Foundation Labs here.

Office Visits

First Visit $450, then $435 for subsequent visits.

TIP™ Program Fee

The Tolerance Induction Program™ fee is $1,125 per child, per quarter ($4,500 per year) for every quarter that your child is in the program. The fee is used to provide predictive data analytics for treatment plan development, 24/7 support, facilitate food protein extraction, food and dosing preparation for at-home dosing as well as in-house food challenges. This fee is an out-of-pocket expense that is not billable to insurance, and is separate from any office visit, diagnostic testing, or SLIT fees or any corresponding co-pays or deductibles billed to you by your health insurance provider.

Ready for the next step?

Joining the Tolerance Induction Program™ is a big commitment, gain insight on the full experience in the next step.