Ethan Law: A Legacy Story

We want to take a moment to share our appreciation for the Law Family and their generous donations to the Willow Challenge Clinic and our patient community. Not only are they advocates for food allergy treatment, but their son, Ethan, was also a patient of SoCal Food Allergy. Ethan tragically lost his life in 2020 due to a watercraft accident, and to keep his legacy alive, the Law family continues to support SoCal Food Allergy Institute and its community.

The Law Family’s Legacy

To honor Ethan’s memory and his tenacity in fighting food allergies, the Law Family made a generous gift that supported the construction and design of Pod B at SoCal Food Allergy’s Willow Food Challenge and Patient Experience Hub. Pod B has been outfitted in blue to reflect Ethan’s courage, strength, and dedication. You can find a plaque on Pod B’s walls to commemorate Ethan and his family.

The Law family also gifted each new SoCal Food Allergy Institute patient with their own anaphylaxis kit! These anaphylaxis kits are used as a case to store medication and provide easy access to your medication and make it convenient for patients to carry them along anywhere. Thank you, Law Family, for including us as a part of Ethan’s Legacy and for your kind donations!

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