Food Allergy Treatment Reimagined

At Food Allergy Institute, we focus on only one thing: treating severe food allergies while eliminating dangerous reactions to them. Unlike other allergy clinics and specialists, our food allergy treatment, the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP), allows patients to achieve remission from food anaphylaxis. TIP provides a complete, lasting solution for children and young adults aged 18 months to 25 years, including those with severe or complex cases.

Serving thousands of patients worldwide at our Southern California treatment centers, Food Allergy Institute (FAI) is dedicated to helping families conquer their food allergy anxieties and enjoy Food Freedom—the ability to eat whatever, whenever, without fear of a reaction.

To date, Food Allergy Institute has helped over 8,000 severe food allergy patients eat safely and live freely. Discover a world without food allergy limitations today.

Who Qualifies For Treatment

TIP food allergy treatment is an excellent option for patients aged 18 months to 25 years old who have:

Severe or Multiple Food Allergies

Been disqualified from other treatment options, including OIT

A History of Food Anaphylaxis

Complex cases or other underlying medical conditions, like EOE, eczema, or asthma

Allergens We Treat Through TIP

TOP 9 +

Success Rate After Completing TIP


# of Patients In Remission After TIP

8,000 +

The FAI Difference

Unlike other treatment options, TIP is designed to help patients achieve total Food Freedom.

Patient Safety First
TIP never begins by introducing patients to their allergens.

Personalized Treatment
Using the latest technology, we create safe and efficient personalized treatment plans.

Complex Cases Welcome
We treat the most complex cases that include multiple allergies & pre-existing conditions.

True Food Freedom
At the end of our program, patients can eat as freely as a non-allergic person.

Using biosimilar food proteins and data-driven treatment plans, we help patients build tolerance before introducing their allergens. With this safe and efficient method, Food Allergy Institute has achieved a 99% success rate for those who complete the program and adverse event rates below 1%.

Our 5 Steps to Food Freedom

1. Schedule a Free Consultation.

2. Clinic Visit for Diagnostic Testing.

3. Start Custom Treatment Plan.

4. Begin At-Home Dosing.

5. Achieve Food Freedom: Eat What You Want, When You Want.

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