New Study Confirms TIP Treatment as a Lasting Solution for Milk Allergies

A groundbreaking study on the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: Global promises a life free from food allergy anxieties and limitations for those with severe cow’s milk allergies. 

The peer-reviewed article, “Long Term Efficacy and Safety of Cow’s Milk Anaphylaxis Specific Immunotherapy: Allergen Unresponsiveness via the Tolerance Induction Program™” demonstrates that children previously severely allergic to cow’s milk can now safely consume dairy products without restrictions after TIP treatment. 

The Tolerance Induction Program™(TIP) significantly lowers harmful cow milk-specific IgE antibodies and diagnostic markers while increasing protective IgG4 antibodies in children with severe allergies. According to the study findings, TIP has proven to be both safe and effective in treating severe cow milk allergies and has also established efficacy in treating peanut allergies.

Through TIP treatment, all 214 study participants achieved remission from cow’s milk anaphylaxis. Remission is defined as a minimum of seven days of allergen unresponsiveness to high-dose protein exposures.

Key Findings 

  • This is the largest biosimilar immunotherapy study of its kind, with 214 milk allergy patients.
  • Patients in the study completed 56,443 food challenges, with only 6 (0.01%) events requiring epinephrine during the entire study.
  • Remarkably, all 214 participants achieved remission and maintained it for an entire year without a single incident requiring epinephrine.

Download The Full Study Here

Learn How TIP Works: Biosimilar Immunotherapy

TIP is not an exposure therapy like OIT. With the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP), patients build a tolerance to their allergens through the escalation of food proteins similar in structure to their allergens (biosimilar proteins). This means patients can safely desensitize their immune system before they ever begin dosing their allergens.

With this safe and efficient method, TIP has achieved a 99% success rate for those who complete the program and adverse event rates below 1%*.

*Epinephrine usage.

A Life Without Food Allergy Anxieties

Traditional healthcare protocols have consistently offered severe food allergy patients means of survival through epinephrine auto-injectors and a recommendation of avoidance. Through the Tolerance Induction Program™(TIP), food allergy families now have the opportunity to do more than just survive— they can thrive, and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it’s participating in class pizza parties, enjoying an ice cream cone on a summer day, grabbing a snack without checking the food label, or not thinking twice about what food will be served at a social event, these once-out-reach experiences are made possible with TIP.

TIP Graduate enjoying ice cream after overcoming milk allergies

TIP Graduate, Tayler, enjoys ice cream after overcoming his severe milk allergy.

This historic study solidifies TIP as the only remission-inducing food allergy solution available for milk allergy sufferers and a major shift in food allergy treatment.  

While the study specifically focuses on milk allergy treatment, Food Allergy Institute has successfully been treating a full range of severe food allergies for children and young adults across the globe since 2015. Discover what TIP can do for your family today!

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