Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training

The Food Allergy Institute’s Epinephrine Auto-Injector (EAI) Training Program is a vital initiative to increase awareness and safety for children with severe food allergies. Anaphylactic shock is a real threat; we should all be prepared to respond. This training program equips off-duty EMS professionals and lay rescuers in Southern California with the knowledge and skills to recognize anaphylaxis symptoms and administer EAIs effectively.

Be Ready to Save Lives in Your Community

Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe allergic reaction that demands swift intervention. By getting certified, you can help save lives in your community. Not only does this training program provide life-saving skills, but it also allows for the possibility of obtaining an Epinephrine Certification through EMSA, offering civil liability protection.

Take the First Step to Become a Certified EAI Responder

The first step in becoming a certified EAI responder is enrolling in the Food Allergy Institute’s training program. Let’s ensure our communities are prepared for anaphylactic emergencies and get certified!

Read our brochure and reach out to us at [email protected] (562)490-9900 to participate in our training. Make sure to include your name and phone number in your emails. Your commitment could be a lifesaver. Join us today!