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A Food Allergy Solution

8,000 Food Allergy Patients In Remission

At Food Allergy Institute, we help families overcome life-threatening food allergies through the only remission-inducing treatment in the world, the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP). Our unique solution helps employers retain top talent, enhancing employee mental health and improving family quality of life.

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The Impact Of Food Allergies

Food Allergy Families Lose 1,000+ Hours in Productivity a Year

Food allergies are a rising problem across the globe, affecting 32 million Americans and resulting in up to 30,000 emergency room visits and up to 200 fatal food anaphylaxis reactions annually.

Mental Health & Quality of Life

The constant fear of allergic reaction, the isolation from missed social events, and the trauma of past reactions can evoke feelings of hopelessness for many food allergy families. In a survey of food allergy parents, more than 60% of participants said their child’s food allergy had a significant impact on their mental health.

Financial & Opportunity Costs

For Families

A 2013 study estimated that the total annual cost of food allergies in the US is nearly $25 billion. That is $4,000+ per child. Food allergy costs include medical visits, out-of-pocket costs, lost labor productivity, and lost opportunity costs ($14.2 billion). With current inflation, these costs are only increasing.

For Employers

With many food allergy parents having to leave their careers or miss work to accommodate their child’s needs, this can become costly for employers. It is estimated that unscheduled absenteeism costs $3,600 per year for each hourly worker & $2,660 each year for salaried employees. The cost of replacing an individual employee who has left the workforce can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary.

Time & Productivity

Food allergy parents spend thousands of hours a year sourcing safe foods, reading labels, attending doctor visits, chaperoning school events, and other food allergy related activities.

Calculating The Impact

About 8% of children have food allergies and roughly 3% manage food anaphylaxis. Parents with food-allergic children experience higher rates of absenteeism and lost productivity. Amongst parents with food-anaphylactic children, 10% will have to leave their employment to accommodate their child.

The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary (Gallup, 2019). The average annual salary across the U.S. is $59,428 (Forbes Advisor, 2023), which means replacing a single employee may cost upwards of $120,000.

1,000 Employee Case Study

In a population of 1,000 employees with children, 80 families will have a child with food allergies. Three families will have a child with severe food anaphylaxis. These employees are likely to struggle with performance and productivity, take more unplanned days off, and stall in their professional growth.

Of those families with food anaphylaxis, 1 will likely have to leave their current employment resulting in approximately $30,000 to $120,000 turnover cost. Coupled with absenteeism costs ($3,600 per hourly employee and $2,650 per salaried employee per year according to Circadian, 2021) and lost productivity, the cost of food allergies is well over $250,000 per 1,000 employees annually.

Employer Benefits

Offer a benefit that makes a real impact in your team’s lives.

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Foster A Happier, More Engaged, & Productive Workforce

Industry Leadership & Innovation

Stay at the forefront of cutting-edge medical advancements in the world. Every patient treated in our program drives the future of food allergy treatment and healthcare.

Satisfaction & Retention/Recruitment

Enhance employee satisfaction and increase retention by providing access to a life-changing program. With an average treatment duration of 3 years, you can expect a happier and more loyal workforce.

Competitive Advantage

Set yourself apart by providing the best available treatment and showcase your proactive approach to meeting your employee’s evolving needs.

Health Equity & Inclusivity

Ensure access to innovative treatments for individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds & be part of our game-changing solution for food allergies.

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It was a constant battle between needing to leave work to pick him up and then explaining to my work how severe this health concern actually was (is) for Nash. As a parent, your kids safety and well-being should always come first, but this condition can make it difficult to work a solid day without interruption or worry.

Food Allergy Mom


Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP)

The Safest, Most Effective Food Allergy Treatment Available

The Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) is the first and only remission-inducing treatment for children and young adults with food anaphylaxis.

Using customized food-dosing strategies unique to each patient’s allergic profile and data markers, TIP has successfully treated over 8,000 food-allergy patients to clinical remission.

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Key Features

Our innovative approach to food allergy treatment is unlike any other immunotherapy available.

Consistent, Precision Care
Where other immunotherapies vary from practice to practice, TIP uses precision medicine to uphold a consistent quality of care for all patients.

Proven Success Rate
With more than 8,000 patients in remission, the Tolerance Induction Program has the highest global success rate (99%) of any food allergy treatment.

Unparalleled Safety
Traditional immunotherapy can result in a number adverse reactions ranging from GI issues to anaphylaxis. TIP is the safest treatment option available with reaction rates less than 1%.

Food Freedom
OIT and similar therapies aim to desensitize patients to protect them from “accidental exposure.” Through TIP, patients can eat as freely as a non-allergic person would.


Founded in 2015, by Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, Food Allergy Institute is the largest food allergy treatment clinic of its kind. Distressed watching parents suffer the loss of a child to fatal allergic reactions, Dr. Randhawa set out to change the status quo and created the Tolerance Induction Program (TIP).

Our Founder

Dr. Inderpal Randhawa is a leading clinical academic scientist with five board certifications in transplant immunology, allergy, pulmonology, pediatrics, and internal medicine. He is ranked 1# Allergist in LA by Spokin and 2nd in the nation!

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