With food allergies on the rise, the Food Allergy Institute is committed to helping food allergy patients achieve Food Freedom, or the ability to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

Read below to learn more about our TIP Fee.

Tolerance Induction Program™(TIP) Fee

The annual fee charged to families for each child enrolled in the program is $4,800.00. This amount is billed in quarterly installments of $1,200.00 per child, or $400.00 per month.

The first quarterly installment is due at the time of scheduling your initial appointment; thereafter,
you will be billed quarterly [every three (3) months] for the duration the child participates in
the program.

This fee is an out-of-pocket expense that is not billable to insurance and is separate from any associated office visit/diagnostic testing costs.

What does my TIP Fee cover?

As an enrolled patient at the Food Allergy Institute, your TIP fee covers essential, non-billable medical products and services required for the development of a customized treatment plans. 100% of your TIP fees are reinvested into the advancement of the treatment program by providing:

  1. Predictive data analytics for treatment plan development
  2. Food protein and gummy preparation for at-home dosing
  3. 24/7 on-call providers, customer service call center
  4. Implementation of comprehensive challenge safety protocols
  5. The application of underlying predictive data analytics derived from our proprietary dataset of cumulative biomarkers and machine learning systems to manage your child’s care and progress
  6. Software development, AI architects, data scientists, and a host of other medical and administrative personnel needed to make this extraordinary, groundbreaking medical treatment possible