Food Allergies: “It’s life and death.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10/01/20LONG BEACH, CA — Parents of children with food allergies are desperate to protect them from a deadly reaction. “It’s life and death,” said Rachel Howard of Washington state. “It’s the biggest worry.” 

Howard, like thousands of other parents, enrolled her son, Clint, 7, in Southern California Food Allergy Institute’s program. “A life of avoidance is not a lifestyle that I want to continue for him. He deserves to live a life where he can have things and not live in fear.” 

SCFAI’s Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) is the only food allergy treatment of its kind in the world. After completing the program, children can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, at any amount, without the fear of a reaction. 

As back to school is around the corner, Howard debates whether Clint will attend school in-person this year or not. “I cannot just drop him off at school. He cannot go to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Not without this feeling of impending doom in the pit of my stomach. I have a hard time putting that trust in someone else because accidents do happen,” said Howard. To protect her son, she volunteers and works for the schools her son attends to ensure that he is safe. However, she realizes that as he grows older – she needed to find another way to protect him.

“I found out about the Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) on my own and put him on the waitlist. I’ve seen the way it is, and I’ve also read endless stories of other people’s experiences with life-threatening allergies.”

“We see all children who suffer from food allergies, no matter how complex their situations may be,” said Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, Founder and CEO. “Our program can show you exactly what your child is allergic to, what their treatment program looks like, and when they will reach remission.”

Through in-depth research, artificial intelligence, and technology, SCFAI develops individualized treatment plans for children like Clint. SCFAI has treated more than 10,881 patients and 5,041 patients are now in remission. The Tolerance Induction Program’s success rate is 99%.

“We are so excited for this program, but we’re also reminding Clint of the endurance it takes to keep going, but it will be worth it”

About Us:
Southern California Food Allergy Institute is a division at Translational Pulmonary and Immunology Research Center (TPIRC). It is a cutting-edge clinical care and research center that is revolutionizing food allergy treatment. SCFAI is dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for more than six million children in the United States who suffer from food allergies. The goal is simple — for all children to safely eat whatever they want, in any amount — without the fear of a reaction.

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