Life-Saving Treatment in a COVID-Safe Zone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8/25/20LONG BEACH, CA — Children who live with life-threatening food allergies are already at a higher risk of an anaphylactic reaction, and the COVID-19 pandemic creates a significant health risk. The Southern California Food Allergy Institute (SCFAI) has created a COVID-safe zone to continue to deliver life-saving treatment for its nearly 10,000 patients.

“We are in the position where, once again, the medical community has told food allergy patients that you’re not important,” said Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, Founder, and CEO.

Nearly six million children under the age of 18 in the United States live with food allergies. 

The pandemic has caused significant risk for children who live with food allergies:

  • The FDA has relaxed the labeling restrictions toward food products, which now poses a substantial threat to children.
  • Epinephrine injectors can have prolonged expiration dates, which we question its accuracy.
  • Clinical trials for food allergy are mostly at a complete stop unless it’s regarding COVID-19.

In response to the pandemic, we’ve created a COVID-safe zone through our Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP), based on COVID-19 data assessed at the environmental and human levels. It allows TPIRC to track, trace, and test patients and employees for COVID-19 in real-time. The platform ensures safety and protocol in five areas: employee screening, patient screening, deep cleaning process, testing for Coronavirus, and contact tracing. This comprehensive approach toward individuals and environments are tracked using proprietary software in real-time.

IDAP provides a safe environment for families who suffer from food allergies to continue their treatment. “I feel safe,” said Sara Saak, a parent whose child is in our program. “I feel very confident in the steps that you guys are taking.” Saak visited our clinic in Long Beach, CA, traveling from New York in March. She plans to return to SCFAI to continue her son’s treatment.

“I’ve got this life and death problem,” said Saak. “[My son’s] food allergy that I’m dealing with every single day, and it is real. And it is a condition he currently has, so I can either take steps to fight this problem and solve it or I can hide. We can’t put our lives on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.”

To learn more about the Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP) at SCFAI: click here

About Us:

Southern California Food Allergy Institute is a division in the Translational Pulmonary and Immunology Research Center (TPIRC). It is a cutting-edge clinical care and research center that is revolutionizing food allergy treatment. SCFAI is dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for more than six million children in the United States who suffer from food allergies. The goal is simple — for all children to safely eat whatever they want, in any amount – without the fear of a reaction.

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