Leading Medical Researcher and Food Allergy Pioneer Inderpal Randhawa, M.D., Named 2020 Recipient of the Prestigious Munzer Family Lifetime Achievement Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11/27/20LONG BEACH, CA — Inderpal Randhawa, M.D., CEO and chief medical officer of the Southern California Food Allergy Institute, has been named the 2020 recipient of the Munzer Family Lifetime Achievement Award in Teaching and Research.

“Dr. Randhawa is a teacher, a true scientist and respected clinician,” said Michael Nageotte, M.D., director of graduate medical education for Memorial Health Services and chairman of the award selection committee. “He represents all of the important aspects of past and future award recipients and exemplifies all that is expected of a winner of this award.”

The Munzer Family Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by peers and students and honors superior achievement in patient care, medical education, and clinical research at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital. Dr. Randhawa currently serves as medical director of the Children’s Pulmonary Institute at Miller Children’s & Women’s, program director of the Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship at UCI and Miller Children’s & Women’s, and program director of its cystic fibrosis center. He is also associate professor of medicine at UCLA School of Medicine.

The Southern California Food Allergy Institute, which Dr. Randhawa founded, is a one-of-a-kind treatment center that has treated more patients than any center in the world for food anaphylaxis. It is operated in conjunction with the Translational Pulmonary & Immunology Research Center, a nonprofit biotechnology and clinical research center founded by Dr. Randhawa in 2015 to focus on developing cutting-edge, individualized treatment protocols for rare and orphan diseases.

According to Food Allergy Research and Education, about one out of every 13 children is allergic to at least one food and about 40% of those children have experienced severe, life-threatening reactions. At the institute, Dr. Randhawa and his team are leveraging trillions of diagnostic data points gathered from more than 10,000 food-allergic patients to understand how food allergies affect a child’s immune system. The goal in all of this is to “retrain” a child’s immune system to become less and less anaphylactic and more and more tolerant.

“To date, we have treated nearly 11,000 food anaphylactic children; and for those who have completed the program, there is a better than 99% success rate,” said Dr. Randhawa.

“These children are now able to eat whatever food they want without concern of a reaction to the foods they once feared. It is what we call “food freedom” and is truly a life-altering achievement for the child and their parents.”

About Us:
Our non-profit, the Southern California Food Allergy Institute is a division in the Translational Pulmonary and Immunology Research Center(TPIRC). It is a cutting-edge clinical care and research center that is revolutionizing food allergy treatment. We are dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for the six million children in the United States who suffer from food allergies. Our goal is simple — for all children to safely eat whatever they want, in any amount – without the fear of a reaction.

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