5 Travel Tips for Families with Food Allergies

Planning a family vacation is stressful for any parent, but once you factor in your child’s food allergy it almost seems impossible. Don’t let the challenge intimidate you from enjoying the summer with your family. Plan your way to a worry-free vacation with these five food allergy travel tips.

1. Book your stay with a kitchen
Whether you are staying in a hotel or an Airbnb, make sure you have a kitchen to use for prepping your child’s favorite allergy-friendly meals. If it is only a night or two, a mini-fridge and microwave will suffice but if you’re planning on staying longer try to find a full kitchen. Planning for this in advance will save you so much time and worry once you have arrived. You’ll know there is always a safe option for your family to eat their meals or prepare lunches to pack for that day’s adventures.

2. Pack an emergency medicine kit
Make sure to pack your medicine, and some extra, for emergency situations. Travel with extra epinephrine auto-injectors, plenty of antihistamines, inhalers, and any lotions you use for eczema or skin irritations. Ensure that your emergency action plan is updated and check the expiration dates on all your medication (best stored in original containers with the prescription labels on the package). 

3. Plan your meals in advance
Before you hit the road, spend some time researching restaurants and grocery stores at your destination. Call the restaurants in advance, asking about their safety protocols and sharing any special accommodations you will require. Put together a grocery list of your favorite meals so you can decide what to buy before you get there. Don’t let your meals add any unnecessary stress to your vacation!

4. Find local medical help
While you can’t take your pediatrician on vacation with you, be sure to know where you can go for medical help during your trip. Have directions, and an estimated travel time, for getting from your hotel to the nearest hospital. Make sure to have directions on your phone and printed out in case you lose cell service during an emergency.

5. Don’t forget about your vacation
It’s a vacation after all, so be sure to enjoy it! Traveling with food allergies sure isn’t easy, but with advance preparation and practice it will become second nature. A safe, enjoyable adventure awaits you and your family this summer. Make memories that will last a lifetime!