Father’s Day Celebration With Food Allergies!

Our fathers, grandfathers, and father figures play a huge role in our lives, and in keeping us safe from many things for some, keeping loved ones safe from food-induced anaphylaxis. With all the sacrifices fathers make in our lives, they deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. So this father’s day, plan the perfect celebration for your special person! Whether it’s planning a BBQ, a pool day, or a bike ride, we’ve got you covered! Here are some gift ideas, BBQ tips, and resources that will help you express your gratitude on his extra special day.

Gift Ideas for your Dad

This year, get your dad a gift that’s equally as thoughtful as it is fun! Is there something he is passionate about, such as hiking? Is he a sports fanatic? You can personalize a sentimental or his favorite tech device for him to use every day or during his favorite weekend hobbies. Below is a list of gift ideas that meet a range of budgets.

  • A new set of BBQ tools
  • Any merch from their favorite sports team, such as a jersey, t-shirt, or socks
  • Personalize a coffee cup, watch, pen, license plate holder, etc.
  • Picture frames filled with your favorite photos of you and your dad
  • Check out Etsy for personalized items that you can make special for your dad
  • Create something yourself! Get crafty and paint, build or draw an original piece! This one is always very special, plus your creative skills can be framed and hung on the wall for display!
Young men roasting by bbq grill

Allergy-Free BBQ

Warm weather means eating outside al fresco, which specifically means firing up the trusty BBQ grill. Whether you’re going to someone’s BBQ or hosting one, you should always make sure your grill is clean and ready for your allergen-friendly food to prevent cross-contamination. This means making sure the grill has been deep-cleaned, and the top inner lid as well to prevent food residue from dripping onto any food that is being cooked. If you aren’t confident in sanitizing the grill thoroughly, don’t worry, you still have some options! You can use heavy-duty aluminum foil or double wrap the food so it won’t tear and place this directly on the grill. You can also use a grill tray to separate it from the grill’s surface. Other options to consider, maybe bringing your own food and using a skillet or oven to cook your food separately as an extra safety precaution. If using any marinades, be sure to triple-check the label for any potential allergens. For extra precaution, make your own marinade to ensure that it is safe to eat for everyone attending your BBQ. This Honey Barbecue Sauce recipe from Safely Delish is delicious and free from the top 8 allergens!

Recipes to Try At Home

Food allergies can get in the way when dining out, but you can make a safe feast together at home! Have you tried Annika’s Peach and Berry Pie recipe from KidswithFoodAllergy.org? It is free from most of the top common allergens and is a delicious dessert to enjoy for Father’s Day! KidswithFoodAllergy.org has many recipes to look for, from breakfast to dinner and dessert. Please continue to read all the food labels of the ingredients you use and use substitutions where needed.

Sunday Funday Outdoor Activities

mother with children biking on the trails

There are many other ways to celebrate Father’s Day that does not involve food. Since Father’s Day falls at the beginning of summer, there are a ton of outdoor activities that you can do with your dad. Here are some ideas you can do in a small or big group:

  • Bring your bikes to a trail and go for a nice bike ride. If you do not have bikes, oftentimes, you can rent these by the beach or parks.
  • Have a pool or know someone that does? Have a pool day with family and friends!
  • Enjoy nature! Explore your favorite trails or visit your local National Park. 
  • Explore your city! Visit your local museum, arcade, or favorite restaurant. Always check with the chef to ensure your food is safe from your allergens.
  • Have a catch in your backyard, park, or beach. Make a sandcastle or have a scavenger hunt if possible.
  • Have an indoor or outdoor movie night. Set up a projector outside and watch your dad’s favorite movies, if possible.
  • If you live by a lake or beach, rent a boat and go on a cruise!

Thank you to all our food allergy dads for working tirelessly in keeping your child safe. We know it’s no easy task and recognize all the hard work that goes into living with food allergies or taking care of someone who does. We hope you have a happy and healthy Father’s Day! Show us how you’re celebrating Father’s Day by tagging us on social media @SoCalFoodAllergy.