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We understand that food allergy treatment can be overwhelming. We encourage you to utilize the below resources to optimize your patient experience.

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Curious about what it’s like to travel to our clinic? Not sure what Remission and food freedom really look like? Worried about fitting in your child’s sports practice with their dosing cycle? How will your child manage to keep up the program once they go off to college? 

Reach out to any of our parent volunteers to ask them any questions and learn more about their own personal experience in the Tolerance Induction Program. If you have a specific question for a volunteer that isn’t noted below, please email us at [email protected]

Our Parent Volunteers

Melinda Kim: [email protected] 

  • Multiple kids in the program, travels from East Coast, prior OIT failure, on SLIT, asthma and eczema, allergens include egg, nuts, legumes, seeds, and shellfish 
  • Has child in Remission

Hillary Schwartz: [email protected] 

  • Travels from East Coast, teenager in the program, asthma, allergens include tree nuts 
  • Started August 2020 

Annabel Estevan: [email protected] 

  • Teenager in the program, travels from Texas, peanut allergen 
  • Started March 2020 

Michelle Pease: [email protected] 

  • Local travel, long-time patient 
  • Has child in Remission

Lou Dessart: [email protected] 

  • Multiple teenagers in the program, child suffers from anxiety from first reaction and does EMDR and therapy, peanut allergen 
  • Started June 2019

Jenny Stackle: [email protected] 

  • Teenager in the program, active with sports, local travel, allergens include tree nuts and peanut 
  • Started November 2019

Susan Baldner: [email protected] 

  • College-aged child in the program, severe environmental allergies, local travel, allergens include tree nuts and peanut 
  • Has child in Remission

Katherine Rutigliano: [email protected]

  • Chef and passionate advocate for food safety
  • Based in Washington.
  • Allergens include Almond, Almond, Hazelnut, Sesame, Walnut, Egg, Pine Nut, Wheat, Fish, Milk.
  • Comfortable helping parents with children from the age of 2-5.

Karly Bignotti-Cook: [email protected]

  • Registered Nurse and Attorney
  • Based in Michigan.
  • Highly sympathetic to patients in the launch phase of their Food Freedom Journey.
  • Allergens include peanuts, seeds, eggs, fish, and milk.
  • She has experience helping patients from age 0 to 5.

Holly Leatherman: [email protected]

  • Maryland-based TIP Mom who has successfully led her two children to Remission.
  • Having begun the program during COVID, she has great experience overcoming isolation and tough times.
  • Great resource for substituting food in cooking..
  • Allergens include: Almond, Chestnut, Peanut, Seeds, Beans/Legumes, Coconut, Hazelnut, Pecan, Sesame, Walnut, Brazil Nut, Egg, Macadamia, Pine Nut, Cashew, Pistachio
  • Comfortable helping families with children from 3 to 21 years old.

Melissa Mooney: [email protected]

  • Australia-based mother who has advocated for international FAI families.
  • She has created opportunities to facilitate the TIP program for families and continues to show her support, expertise, and empathy to her fellow TIP Families.

Elizabeth Hischke: [email protected]

  • Wisconsin-based TIP Mom who has successfully led her daughter to Remission.
  • A great resource for those who second guess their ability to go through the program.
  • Allergens include: Cashews, Pistachio, Tree nuts, and Sunflowers.
  • Comfortable helping families with children from 6 to 21 years old.

Brittany Rosenbaum: [email protected]

  • New York-based TIP mom to a four-year-old son
  • Happy to offer support to anyone currently undergoing treatment
  • Currently treating allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds
  • Comfortable helping families with children under 10

Alexica Laye: [email protected]

  • Texas-based TIP Mom who has a teen daughter in the program
  • A great resource to POC in the program and those searching for allergy-friendly cosmetics
  • Allergens Include: Almond, Chestnut, Peanut, Hazelnut, Pecan, Sesame, Walnut, Brazil Nut, Macadamia, Pine Nut, Shellfish, Cashew, Pistachio
  • Comfortable assisting families from the ages of 14-17

Jessica Banta: [email protected]

  • Parent of a patient now in remission
  • She is very passionate about helping others power through the program, fight burnout, and remain motivated
  • Allergens include: Vegetables, Sesame, Egg, Wheat, Milk, Soy
  • Comfortable helping all parents with patients between 0-13 years old

Vicki Babulas: [email protected]

  • New York-based TIP mom
  • Excited to help patients craft strategic plans to incorporate TIP into their daily lives without burnout.
  • Currently treating allergies to Peanuts, all Tree nuts, and All seeds
  • Comfortable helping families with children 6-13 years old

Cindi Frechette: [email protected]

  • New York-based TIP Mom and Therapist
  • Excited to help parents march forward in the program, empower their children, help children advocate for themselves, and navigate the “outside world”! She is also amazing with hiding doses in food.
  • Allergens Include: Peanut, Egg
  • Comfortable assisting families from ages 6-11.

Facebook Groups

Connect with other TIP patients and join our Facebook groups The Pantry and The Kitchen Table! 

These support forums are for families to collaborate, ask each other questions about TIP, discuss dosing recipes, and share success stories. The groups should not be utilized for seeking medical advice, billing questions, or complaints.

The Pantry & The Kitchen Table

The Pantry is a private group intended for parents and prospective patients those interested in enrolling in the Tolerance Induction Program. Active Patients are also welcome to join this group.

The Kitchen Table is an exclusive group for active TIP patients and Remission families.

Please be sure to answer all membership questions to be admitted!

Food Allergy Resources

Red Sneakers For Oakley (RSFO)

Red Sneakers For Oakley (RSFO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading food allergy awareness and education.

While on Thanksgiving vacation in 2016, Oakley Debbs ate some cake that unknowingly contained either nut extract or nuts — and ultimately suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction. To prevent this tragedy from happening to others, the Debbs family created RSFO using Oakley’s beloved red sneakers as a powerful symbol of the need for greater food allergy education and awareness.


SnackSafely.Com provides the latest food allergy news, a safe snack guide, and “Allergence” – a product screening service to help consumers understand how 11 of the most common allergens are processed and manufactured.

The Allergy Chef

Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, creates safe and delicious free-from recipes for a variety of diets. With over 200 allergies herself, The Allergy Chef, aims to create fun and creative food options for all! On her site , RAISE, Kathlena has over a 100 allergy-friendly and gluten free recipes to choose from.

Visit RAISE here.

Educational Media

“The Food Allergy Institute” Web Series

Check out our web series, “The Food Allergy Institute” on available on our official YouTube Channel. Each  episode covers relevant food allergy news, answers commonly asked questions about our Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP), and features a patient testimonial!

Watch the first episode here.

The Allergy Mom Podcast

The Allergy Mom podcast aims to equip fellow food allergy parents with tips and tricks for navigating daily life. Listen to the interview with our founder, Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, to learn about our Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) and the origins of the Food Allergy Institute.

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