What is SLIT? Why does my child need it?

SLIT stands for Sublingual Immunotherapy. It treats the underlying cause of allergic reactions and is
designed to gradually desensitize the immune system to specific environmental allergens. If your child
is instructed to enroll in SLIT prior to or during TIP (Tolerance Induction Program), it is a requirement if you wish to continue the Tolerance Induction program.

Why? Because environmental allergies share biosimilar proteins as food allergens. In order to treat certain food allergies, environmental allergies need to be treated as well. Our unique formula is TIP driven, created with extensive research by our founder Dr. Randhawa and designed for our patients. In addition, your child will also gain relief from pollen allergies including improvement in nasal, eye, and lung symptoms. The typical treatment duration of SLIT is 2 to 3 years. However, the duration of SLIT therapy is patient-specific and may be longer or shorter.

You must watch the orientation video before administering your Build Up kit:

The orientation video is emailed to you before your first shipment. If you did not receive it, please email us at [email protected]

Switching from the Build-Up Kit to Maintenance:

Once your child completes the build-up stage, he/she will move on to the maintenance refill. Please note that a SLIT Dosing Calendar is NOT included in the maintenance refills because the number of sprays will be the same every day. If you have a set with ONE bottle, spray twice under the tongue and hold medication for 2 minutes. If you have a set with TWO bottles (red and blue sticker), spray twice under the tongue from EACH bottle and hold medication for 2 minutes. Do not eat or drink for 10 minutes after administering SLIT.

What to do if your bottle spills/breaks?

We strongly suggest to always test and prime your nozzles before administering and to inspect your bottles for possible leaks. If you see any damages on the bottle rim and/or nozzle, hold off on dosing and contact us immediately so we can send you a nozzle or bottle replacement. The SLIT department will only cover leakages/damages that happen during shipment. If your bottle was damaged or if there was a leak during shipment please take detailed photos and send them to [email protected] immediately. The medication is wrapped securely to prevent damage. However, if your medication gets damaged during transit we will replace it at no cost.

What do we do if we are experiencing symptoms?

Please report any symptoms in TIP Connect. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

SLIT order status:

If you would like to know when your next refill arrives at our office please refer to the last shipping confirmation email we sent you and look for the next billing cycle date. Serologix makes automatic deductions on the specified dates of your prescription refill – 2.5 months after we ship it out to you. For every charge, you will be notified via email from SeroLogix. It takes up to 12 business days from the charge date to get delivered to our office. We will contact you when your medication is ready for pick up or delivery.

What do I do if I have accumulated more than 2 bottles?

Each spray of SLIT represents 0.6 to 0.8ml of volume. If each spray is pumped effectively, the maintenance bottle should last 3 months and 10 days. If bottles accumulate, please make sure you are using the pump appropriately. You are required to switch bottles every 3 months in order to have the best quality allergens extracts to ensure the best potency. This does not mean your medication is expired after 3 months, but your allergy treatment will have less satisfying results. However, if you are not ready for your next automated charge, you can request to push out the date by contacting [email protected] with the exact date you would like to adjust to.

What do I do if my child has lost a tooth?

If your child loses a tooth, please wait 24 hours before resuming SLIT.

What do we do if we missed a dose?

If you miss less than 7 days of SLIT doses, you can simply resume from the date first missed. If you miss more than a week of dosing please refer to TIP Connect for further instructions.

Wondering if you still need SLIT?

After 2 years of SLIT treatment, you can request an Environmental RAST from your local allergist, clinic (non-local), or Foundation Labs and send us the results to [email protected]. The results will be reviewed by our provider and a determination will be made. Alternatively, patients who are nearing remission in TIP will be notified of their SLIT stop date.

How do I cancel my SLIT account?

It is the patient’s responsibility to contact the SLIT department to cancel their account. Accounts can only be canceled if:
a. The patient was instructed to stop SLIT by a provider or during a remission visit.

b. The patient was discharged from the program.

How do I place my SLIT account on hold or skip one scheduled billing cycle?

SLIT plays a vital role in the TIP process. It is important that it is being administered as instructed on
a daily basis. SLIT bottles are meant to last 3 to 4 months before a new refill is needed. Our goal is to
ensure continuity in SLIT dosing. In order to skip one billing cycle OR place your account on hold, you
must fill out the “Billing Cycle Change Request form”. Please reach out to the SLIT department for
further instructions.