What if my child is too anxious to go through this program or is a picky eater?

We understand that our program can be scary to some children and parents alike. However, the Food Allergy is here to support you and your child through this process!  Our staff includes a Child Life Development Specialist who will be able to assist your family as they navigate our Tolerance Induction Program. All of our nurses at our facilities are trained to handle any sort of situation, and that includes anxious children. We also offer referrals to trusted child life coaches and psychologists that can help patients overcome their fears.  

For children who are picky eaters, it may take some creativity in the kitchen to prepare doses in the most palatable form for your child. We recommend that parents make this a fun and interactive process for their child. We know it can be difficult to combat food fatigue, which is why our chef has created patient-exclusive recipes you can make to help hide your child’s dosing foods. The Food Allergy Studio Kitchen Facebook group serves as a resource where where our TIP families can find quick, easy and tasty recipes for their dosing protocols.