What is the Tolerance Induction Program Fee?

Each patient who undergoes treatment in the Tolerance Induction Program pays a program fee which helps to support the tremendous cost of treatment. The program fee is used to provide 24/7 support, facilitate organic food protein extraction, food and dosing preparation for at-home dosing and in-house food challenges, challenge safety, predictive data analytics, and much more — all of which are non-billable services that we provide to the patient. As a patient of the Food Allergy Institute, you are also provided access to our provider team who remains on-call after hours to answer questions related to your at-home treatment.

The Food Allergy Institute is dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for every child who suffers from food allergies. We are also committed to making our program as accessible as possible, for as many families as possible. To that end, we are proud to share that our philanthropic efforts cover more than half of the cost of treatment for each patient. 

The Tolerance Induction Program is $1,200 per child, per quarter ($4,800 per year) for every quarter that your child is in the program. This amount can be paid in full via a one-time, annual payment or in quarterly installments, with the initial payment due at the time of scheduling your first appointment.

This fee is not inclusive of any office visit, diagnostic testing, or SLIT fees or any corresponding co-pays or deductibles billed to you by your health insurance provider.