What will my child’s life be like after completing treatment?

Our goal is for every patient to freely and safely eat whatever they want! Upon remission, your child will experience true food freedom. This means that your child will be able to safely and freely eat unlimited amounts of their previously allergic foods, without symptoms or side effects. For example, if almonds are an allergic food now, after graduating from our Tolerance Induction Program your child can and should eat any and all types of almond products with no limits on how much or how often.

Remission patients of the Tolerance Induction Program also enjoy less frequent maintenance doses. By tracking hundreds of markers for each patient, we can ensure safety is maintained with weekly or less than weekly maintenance dosing as tolerance builds. Once patients achieve remission from the Tolerance Induction Program, they no longer have to worry about eating their allergens every day.

The Tolerance Induction Program at the Food Allergy Institute is a long-term research treatment model. This means we partner with you and your child for the long-term, ensuring the ongoing success and safety of the program. Once your child has graduated from the program, we continue to monitor his or her immune system annual checkups. We are committed to your child’s safety for the years and decades to come.