TIP Connect

What is TIP Connect and why do I need it?

TIP Connect was created to enhance the patient experience by facilitating communication and to prepare you for the next steps in your TIP journey. TIP Connect offers a range of patient resources, including recipes, form requests and submissions, travel letters, and more.

How do I access TIP Connect as a new patient?

There are two different ways to begin; scanning a QR code or typing the following web address into the search bar (https://tipconnect.socalfoodallergy.org/tpirc/).

  • Please click on the button that says “LOGIN”.
  • When on the login page, click on “Forgot Password”.
  • Enter your email address, hit submit and we will send you instructions on how to create a new password.

How do I reset my TIP Connect password? 

If you forget your login, you can click on the forgot password link on the home page.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Can I change my email address?

Yes, to change your primary email address, please email [email protected].

Email addresses will be changed 24 hours after the email has been received.

Is TIP Connect accessible to each parent or multiple email accounts?

TIP Connect is accessible to each parent only if requested. In general, there is only one login designated to each household and the eldest child if there are households with multiple children in the program.

Is TIP Connect accessible to each parent or multiple email accounts?

Yes, there are several forms and letters with TIPHelp.


What is TIPhelp?

TIPHelp is a comprehensive service offered by the Food Allergy Institute via TIP Connect to provide support and assistance to individuals and their families on their journey to Food Freedom. Our TIPHelp team is made up of healthcare providers, nurses, and trained staff members.

How do I contact TIPHelp + Providers on Call?

If you have a life-threatening reaction, call 911. If you have a non-life-threatening reaction or symptoms that you would like advice on how to manage, call 562-490-9900 and dial 7 to be connected with the Provider on call. For all other questions and concerns, you can submit a query directly to our TIPHelp + On Call team between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST or directly in TIP Connect as follows:

1. Once logged in to TIP Connect, click on the TipHelp+On Call Resources button:

2. You will then be taken to this screen. Please click on the TIP Help Forms button:

Any queries submitted to our TIPHelp team using the form above will be triaged and addressed within 24 hours. The TIPHelp forms include:

  • Reaction Report
  • Illness/Injury Report
  • Missed Dosing/Build-up Plan
  • Food Product/Prep.
  • Food Lab Dosing Request
  • Planning for Upcoming Visit
  • Long-Term TIP Planning
  • Medical Event and Questions
  • Prescription Refill Request

How do I submit forms and letters in TIP Connect?

We also have provided additional Forms and Letters that can be easily accessed on our online platform TIP Connect via our Form & Letter Submissions page. This platform allows you to quickly fill out and submit essential forms and letters to our team. Our Form & Letter Submissions page includes:

  • Travel Letter: You can request a travel letter good for up to one year for medications, SLIT, and food.
  • FARE Form
  • FSA Letter
  • Medical Necessity Letter
  • Miracles Flights Form
  • School Form
  • Other

Submitting these forms and letters can help expedite the process of receiving assistance and support from the TIPHelp team.

4. How do I contact our Call Center?

Our Call Center is a team of dedicated agents who serve as a front-line knowledge base and support team to assist our families on their food freedom journey. Our customer service team can help with any questions or concerns regarding scheduling, billing, forms and letters, and more.  You can call our Call Center at (562) 490-9900 between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST, Monday to Friday.


Form Suggestions

  1. When submitting or requesting forms, please ensure that your explanations are within the character limit of 4,000-13,000 characters. This will enable the system to process the form effectively.
  1. Do not copy and paste any information. ALL information must be typed out at the moment. If any information is copied and pasted from notes, the internet, or messages, the form will not go through the system. 
  1. When filling out forms, please ensure that you put each maintenance/treatment food and dosage under their respective category. If you need to list more than one food, please click on the blue plus button to add the food and dosage.


As TIP Connect is a website, we recommend bookmarking the site or adding it to your home screen for easy access. 

If you require additional information about submitting letters and forms or need assistance with TIPHelp forms, please contact our team at [email protected] ensures patient safety, and eventually, alters their immune system to not react to their allergens.