Food Freedom!

Remission means no more reading food labels, no more missed birthday parties, and no more stress. Patients can eat freely without restriction or fear of reaction. Regain your confidence and live a life of endless opportunities without the fear of food allergies!

Maintaining Remission

Once patients achieve remission, they no longer have to worry about eating their allergens every day. By tracking hundreds of markers for each patient, we can ensure safety is maintained with weekly or biweekly (Frequency varies cases by case, diminishing over time as the immune system builds tolerance) maintenance dosing as tolerance builds. The only way to fall out of remission is to stop eating all maintenance doses for months.

Life-Long Support

The Tolerance Induction Program at Food Allergy Institute is a long-term research treatment model. This means we partner with our patients for the long-term, ensuring the ongoing success and safety of the program. Once a patient has graduated from the program, we continue to monitor their immune system via annual checkups and annual diagnostic testing. We are committed to our patient’s safety for the years and decades to come.

Food Freedom Awaits!

24/7 Patient Command Center

No matter your location, we are here for you.

The Tolerance Induction Program™ provides a 24/7 Patient Command Center. Once enrolled in the program you will be given access to this benefit.

Your safety is our number one priority. In every step of the way, our team of providers is available through our 24/7 Command Call Center to support you in the following ways:

Reactions: Manage any symptoms with food dosing and consuming medications safely.

Medical or Illness Questions: Any concerns regarding treatment, the TIP process, or illnesses.

Medication: Child’s medications, refills, or concerns of side effects.

Food sourcing: Brand recommendations, preparation and the shipment of foods we provide.

Non-medical related topics: Scheduling, Billing, Forms/Letters, SLIT, Patient Labs, Customer Service.

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