Food Freedom is Possible

The Food Allergy Institute provides families with a highly effective food allergy treatment option for children and young adults, including those with severe and complex cases. With our Tolerance Induction Program (TIP), we are creating a world without food allergy limitations.

FAI provides everything you and your family need to overcome severe food allergies. Our patients receive precise diagnosis and custom treatment plans using our state-of-the-art Tolerance Induction Program™ and innovative food allergy treatment facilities. Today, FAI treats thousands of patients from around the world and has helped over 8,000 families safely overcome their food allergies.

The FAI Difference

Patient Safety First
TIP never begins by introducing patients to their allergens.

Precision Healthcare
Using advanced AI, we create safe and efficient personalized treatment plans.

Complex Cases Welcome
We treat even the most complex cases including patients with multiple allergies & pre-existing conditions.

True Food Freedom
At the end of our program, patients can eat as freely as a non-allergic person.

Lifelong Support
We partner with our patients for the long term to ensure their success well after graduation.

Rapid Onboarding
Schedule your free consultation today & make your first appointment within a week!


Success Rate*


Patients In Remisson

1 Million

Food Doses Each Day


Reaction Rate

Top 9+

Food Allergens Treated


On-Call Support

*For patients who complete the program

Personalized Food Allergy Treatment

The Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) is our innovative and exclusive approach for treating children and young adults with severe food allergies. Unlike other treatment options, TIP is designed to help patients achieve total Food Freedom.

Using biosimilar food proteins and data-driven treatment plans, we help patients build tolerance before introducing their allergens. With this safe and efficient method, the Food Allergy Institute has achieved a 99% success rate and reaction rates below 1%.

Overcome Your Food Allergies

The Path To Food Freedom Is Simple:

1. Schedule A Free Consultation

2. Visit Our Lab For Diagnostic Testing

3. Begin Treatment At Our Clinics With Your Custom Plan

4. Build Tolerance With At-Home Dosing

5. Food Freedom: Eat Whatever, Whenever

Our Regulatory Agencies

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Patients Stories

Take The First Step Toward Food Freedom!

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*Program available to patients 18 months to 25 years of age.
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