In the pre-treatment phase, all patients undergo extensive diagnostic testing to capture the most complete image of the immune system. A physician will go over a patient’s medical history and answer any medical questions or concerns in a virtual consultation. Next, patients will be scheduled for an in-person doctor’s consultation, skin prick test, and blood draw.

Data collected from this testing helps us generate patient-tailored treatment plans.

Foundation Labs

All blood draws will be done at Foundation Labs. Foundation Labs (CLIA Certified) specializes in component testing of 130+ different allergens, including allergen components that are not available at national laboratories and hundreds of different biomarkers. This testing will help us match what foods are biosimilar to your child’s allergens for the development of their personalized treatment plan.

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

If a patient manages environmental allergies, their treatment plan may include Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT): A safe and effective approach to treating environmental allergies for over 60 years.


During the Launch, patients receive a patch test, a customized treatment plan, and an anaphylaxis plan. Patients will also take their first steps toward building tolerance with their first dose of biosimilar proteins.

Patch Test

A patch test contains physical food allergens or specific food antigens, that are placed on a patient’s back for a 24-hour period. This test allows us to evaluate how a patient’s gastrointestinal tract reacts to various allergens.

Customized Treatment Plan

After the results from diagnostic testing are carefully analyzed, patients will receive their personalized treatment plan. This plan will determine the duration of treatment and the order in which your specific food allergies will be treated.