Once a patient’s immune system is accustomed to biosimilar food proteins, they can safely begin to “challenge” their allergens in increasing amounts until complete Tolerance is achieved.

The Food Allergy Institute is committed to helping all patients, even those with “complex” cases reach food freedom.

No guess work is done. A patient’s data analysis predicts their precise path of success.

Food Challenge

Food Challenge visits are an important part of the journey to food freedom. We follow each child’s food dosing strategy and conduct challenges to safely build up their tolerance over time.



Introduction Foods

Introduction Foods help condition and retrain a patient’s immune system. Each new food introduced is administered at the Food Allergy Institute in a monitored and controlled environment to ensure patient safety.


Maintenance Food

Introduction foods will be taken home and gradually up dosed to prepare for an in-office challenge. Consistent at-home up dosing can indicate a patient’s success in their next food challenge.


In-Office Challenges

Patients will challenge an allergen they have been previously sensitized to with home dosing. After each successful challenge, these foods will move from dosing into a patients maintenance plan, and new conditioning foods will be introduced.

Staying On Track

In order to successfully build tolerance, it is imperative that patients stay committed to their prescribed at-home regimen, and complete in-office challenges. Missed appointments will cause a delay in a patient’s overall treatment plan.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Food Challenges and at-home dosing can be an overwhelming experience. Here are the steps we take to ensure your child’s safety:


At the Food Allergy Institute Clinic, we are prepared for any emergency with safety precautions and protocols in place


Our team of providers are on-call 24/7 to support any after-hour emergencies. In addition, each family is educated and prepared to handle any reaction with an Anaphylaxis Plan


Patients are safely treated at the Food Allergy Institute Clinic. Doses and challenges are administered by our licensed providers and vitals are monitors by our professional medical team