Physician Testimonials

Dr. Aaron Rockoff - Food Allergy Institute - Testimonial
MD, Endocrinologist

“As a physician, I had a tough time accepting that I was unable to treat my son’s eczema. High dose topical steroids only made the situation worse, and his severe food allergies seemed to be at the center of the problem. Dr. Randhawa’s precision medicine approach to food allergies has changed our lives as we eliminate allergy after allergy. My son’s IgE level before starting was over 12,000 and his life revolved around doctor visits. Now he is going to have the normal childhood that we hoped he could have.”

MD, Family Medicine

“Dr. Randhawa, his staff, and his program have been nothing short of a miracle for my very own children. I have two children currently in the program with multiple allergies, who are overcoming these allergies one by one. My oldest son can now have eggs and some milk products. In a few weeks, I will be able to take my son out for pizza and ice cream. Seems so simple, but such a joyous event for a child who could not even touch these foods without getting an allergic reaction. My other son is now starting on Almonds. The program works incredibly and is the greatest gift that I could ever give my children. I hope that many more children afflicted by food allergies will have the wonderful opportunity for a cure as my children do.”

Dr. Jason Yip - Food Allergy Institute - Testimonial
MD, Gastroenterologist

“The keyword that Dr. Randhawa has offered us is hope. Hope that our kids will one day be able to eat without fear of being itchy, scratchy, and miserable. The hope that they will not feel ostracized during birthday parties or gatherings around meals. Most importantly, the hope that we, as parents, will not fear losing our children due to accidental ingestion of foods that have proven to cause anaphylaxis in our children. For those reasons, I would advocate strongly for support of the Food Allergy Institute.”

Parent Testimonials

Patrick - Food Allergy Institute - Testimonial
father of a TIP patient

“Going from a 911 call and ambulance ride to 60 peanuts still does not feel real. We are so grateful to the entire the Food Allergy Institute Team for this new food freedom. Words cannot express our gratitude for each of you. We look forward to more families joining this freedom thanks to your hard work!”

Allana - Food Allergy Institute - Testimonial
mother of a TIP patient

“Two years ago we took a leap of faith and traveled from Texas to Long Beach to begin treatment at the Food Allergy Institute. We had a mix of emotions: excitement, nervousness, anticipation, hopefulness. After meeting Dr. Randhawa, we realized that he was like no other doctor we had ever met and this program would be life-changing for our family by reaching complete allergy freedom.”

Jodi - Food Allergy Institute - Testimonial
mother of a TIP patient

“Thanks to the Tolerance Induction Program and the dedication of Dr. Randhawa, I no longer have to worry about losing my daughter to eating food.”

Patient Testimonials

Current TIP Patient

“He…attended the very first birthday party where he was able to eat a cupcake that didn’t come from home!”

TIP Graduate

“Wes has been living a fearless and free life! And so have us, the rest of his family who have always had to be on high alert for everything he ate or was around.”

TIP Graduate

“Our ‘bubble boy’ completed Kindergarten this year able to eat EVERYTHING freely.”