Our unique approach to food allergy treatment is called the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP).

Each patient’s food allergy treatment plan should be just as unique as they are. It is this patient specific focus that drives our data driven approach to develop customized treatment plans that are unique to each patient’s allergic profile and data markers.

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Key differentiators of Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP)

  • 99% Success Rate (Patients achieve remission upon completion of TIP)
  • <1% Adverse reaction rate*
  • 1 – 2 maintenance clinic visits once reaching remission every year
  • We accept even the most complicated severe allergy cases
  • POD operating model to enhance patient care (both experience and safety)
  • Patient Success Platform — 24/7 on call service
  • Ease of use for the plant-based protein dosing — Pharmaceutical grade gummies
  • *Adverse events classified as the use of an epinephrine pen
TIP™ OIT with Palforzia Pill OIT with Allergists
Objective for immune system Retrain to remission Desensitize Desensitize
Success Rate 99% 67% Varies by practice
Peanuts graduates can safely eat Unlimited 1 peanut Limited
Eligibility 6 months – 21 years 4 – 17 years with no history of severe asthma or anaphylaxis Varies by practice
How patients receive peanut proteins Pharmaceutical grade gummies Peanut flour capsule Peanut flour, Peanut butter
Quantity of peanut protein per dose Customized Standardized Standardized
Adverse event rate* < 1% 14% 23%
Maintenance actions required Once or twice yearly Daily Daily

Machine Learning and AI

Unlike conventional OIT methods, TIP harnesses the power of Machine Learning and AI to analyze trillions of data points built on over a decade of diagnostic data collected from the patients we’ve successfully treated.

Through these analytics we can further enhance our understanding of protein characterization in plant, animal and evolutionary proteins to develop a comprehensive analysis of a child’s immune system and allergic profile.

Each patient’s unique data directly drives their specific treatment journey. Ensuring they receive a highly targeted form of therapy, down to the milligram of a specific food protein for each dose administered through the course of TIP.

Our data continues to evolve with each new case, where ML/AI models continuously improve our understanding of food allergy to create an even more efficient treatment program and patient experience.

As a part of our program we provide 24/7 on-call clinical support, where our highly trained clinicians provide guidance to patients between scheduled visits.

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