Eagle Scout Donation

Left to right: Mia, Dr. Clark, Mythri, Andrew, and Adriana

We want to take a moment to share our appreciation for Mythri Diya Kishore and her generous donation of this lockable luggage storage container! Not only is she the first female Eagle Scout of Troop 1238, but she is quickly making waves within her troop, demonstrating outstanding leadership in spearheading a meaningful project that impacts our patients, who endure the challenges of living with food allergies and traveling. She planned and organized a team to create this luggage storage container that was donated to Southern California Food Allergy Institute’s Willow Clinic! Our patients have a safe and secure place to store their luggage while visiting us. We are incredibly proud of Mythri’s accomplishment and her demonstration of leadership as an Eagle Scout! Our providers were thrilled to share this moment with Mythri and her family.

Read More About Her Eagle Scout Project

We are incredibly proud of Mythri’s accomplishment and her continued demonstration of bravery in confidently leading a team while living with food allergies.

Below is the full report you can read to find out more about all the details it took to execute this project!

Fun fact: It took 279 hours and 44 minutes to finish this project from start to finish!

We look forward to seeing all our patients that will be able to use this storage locker. Thank you for your donation!