Guest Spotlight: Meet Parsmi & Her Art!

“Freedom. This is a word many people all across the globe have different meanings and interpretations of. Here at SCFAI, Dr. Randhawa and his staff have changed the lives of hundreds of people of all ages and types by offering a path to food freedom. I am one of them.”

How it Started:

As a child, I was always told to be cautious of where I go and what I eat because I was allergic to so many things like all nuts, eggs, pollen, grass, some fruits, dogs, cats… you name it. My parents were always wary of going out in public with me to parties, get-togethers, meetings – anything where there isn’t homemade food or awareness of allergies – because I could get an anaphylactic reaction at any moment, anywhere. 

Through yoga classes and a mutual friend, perhaps fate as well, my family got to know of someone who was a patient of Dr. R’s at the time. We learned about the program, what it does, and how it can help people who have allergies. Soon enough, we went to the clinic and got my tests done. That’s when my food freedom journey began. 

Today, after just under eight years of this treatment, I can finally say that I’m free and rid of my allergies. 

Dr. Randhawa and the team have changed my life completely, from being on guard and tied to the ropes of allergies to go wherever I want without being cautious of what can be underlying threats everywhere. I will never forget how Dr. Randhawa and I always had jokes and riddles prepared for each other as we got on with the dosing and challenges because those small gestures of caring for each and every child went a long way. 

Giving Back:

The painting I’ve made with my family for TPIRC represents a variety of different things, and it’s a heartfelt thank you from my family and me. The top left section of my painting resembles hope, light, and rays of inspiration TPIRC gives families and children worldwide. The tree with a swing, where the children are holding hands and kids with animals, represents childhood and how TPIRC allows us to experience it without any worries. I love pets personally and playing outside on the grass, but I used to be allergic to all those things. Environmental allergies took away a part of me from my life, but I have reached remission! The top right side of my painting serves a similar purpose – children and families feeling free, no need to worry, and enjoying the simple things in life. 

The bottom left of my painting is personal to me because it represents my heritage and culture. As an Indian, there are so many dishes that include the allergens I needed to avoid. The hardest one was being restricted from traveling and visiting my family in India. Before food freedom, if my family and I ever visited, we had to be EXTREMELY careful with where we went and what was around us. But now, I can enjoy my stay in India and eat our authentic food worry-free; it feels really good! The Ganesh drawing symbolizes the hope and faith TPIRC instills in us, letting us believe and continue the journey. The “slogan” or “saying” we have there is that TPIRC allows us to take every chance and drop every fear because that’s necessary while walking on the path to food freedom. 

Next, the bottom right side of my painting is significant for the symbolism of turtles. What we can learn from the turtle is that changes and journeys can be slow, yet steady, which is exactly what I felt through TPIRC and the TIP program. This path takes a while to complete, but the path is definitely worth the while and steady which kept us going. The tree and color complexion is meant to show that amidst the dark colors on the outside representing dark times, there is still a blooming tree and light we can find within us, which is the life we are given by TPIRC. 

Finally, the center of my painting. In the circle is TPIRC’s sign, and a few of the many allergies I had along with the main ones I overcame. The home with my family and I is encased in the hands-on TPIRC, Dr. Randhawa, and the team with the punchlines, “the face of hope and the promise of tomorrow,” meaning to mirror the pillars TPIRC has set up for its families. 

By my 10th birthday, I had just finished and succeeded in my peanut allergy challenge! As a form of gratitude, I was able to raise $600 through my double-digit birthday party, asking for a donation for TPIRC instead of some birthday gifts. Being able to give back with whatever I can be is pretty liberating because it’s as if I am able to thank Dr. R, the team, and the entire experience as a whole. 

Where I Am Now: 

Going through the Tolerance Induction Program helped me to discover my passion for writing. This newfound passion for writing has led me to publish my first self-published quote book called BumbleeBee. I write about the struggles of being a teenager, especially growing up, and hope for my book to be the helping hand and comfort for those who face similar experiences as me. You can purchase my book through Amazon and feel free to follow me on Instagram @parsmirajput. Your support will be greatly appreciated! 

Being a part of the TIP program has changed my lifestyle and those around me in an immeasurable way, and I am happy to continue my passion for writing to make a difference, all due to TPIRC!