Tips to Safely Celebrate Easter with Food Allergies

Holidays can be a lot of fun for the whole family! It brings the family together to celebrate family traditions, such as decorating for the holidays and creating a special recipe. With a few adjustments to fit your food allergy needs, everyone can participate in the fun! Keep reading for food and non-food-related tips to incorporate this Easter weekend.

Easter is not all about what’s in the kitchen or picnic basket. There are many fun Easter-related activities for the whole family! Here is a list of our top picks:

  • Make a Flower Arrangement or Plant a Garden. 
    • Going to a local flower shop or garden to shop for beautiful spring flowers can be a fun activity for you and your child to get ready for Easter. Spring is also the best time to start growing beautiful flowers yourself! Pick up different flowers and plant a garden, and if you do not have space available, plant in a pot! 

  • Decorate and Hand Paint Easter Eggs. 
    • Paint or draw on eggs with colorful and creative designs with friends and family. This is a fun and creative idea for friends and family to do together!
    • If you have an egg allergy, an easy alternative can be to substitute real eggs for plastic, ceramic, or paper mache eggs. 

  • Have an Arts and Crafts Session! 
    • Set up different Easter-themed canvasses and art supplies to create wonderful easter masterpieces! This can include creating an Easter Egg basket, coloring print-outs, painting and decorating balloons, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, and completing puzzles!

  • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Create an Easter egg hunt with fun goodies inside the eggs! For children with food allergies, you may substitute candies for inexpensive toys inside. Some examples of these are: erasers, stickers, notes, bubbles, and clues to other prizes! Also, adding cash prizes to the eggs is a popular item for any age group!

  • Get moving!
    • Get competitive and challenge others to play or participate in your favorite activities like, playing hide-and-seek! 
    • Let’s not forget to find those Easter eggs!
      • Easter Egg Hunting Tip: Snap a photo of all the eggs, so you don’t forget to recover some that were not found to avoid gooey messes later.

Making an Easter basket that is food-allergy friendly is a great Easter activity to start involving your children, no matter their age. Before you start, make sure that every food and candy is cross-referenced and all the labels were read to make sure it is safe for consumption.

Here is a list of non-food items you can include in your Easter basket:

  • Books
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Puzzles
  • Bubbles
  • Gift-cards

Make sure you pick out candy and treats that are safe for your family. This includes being aware that snack-size candies may contain different ingredients than their full-size counterparts. Please exercise caution while reading food labels before assembling your Easter basket.

Here is a list of the Top 8 free candy options to consider. This is a great way to make sure your egg hunts are safe and have inclusivity in your egg hunts, even with those kids without food allergies!

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